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Private one on one training starting at $85/hour.

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One on One Personal Training

$85/hour single session

$250/ 3x hour sessions

$850/ 12x hour sessions

One on One Personal Training is for the individual who may be seeking more precise and detailed coaching for their specific fitness goals. During theses sessions, client receives a custom program tailored to their unique fitness goals. Clients will also receive one on one coaching from their professional, certified trainer on exercise execution to be sure they are performing movements correctly, safely and effectively. Each session with your trainer ensures you remain motivated and accountable to your fitness goals. 

Group Training

$100/ 1x hour session each additional person $20 per session

$1150/ 12x hour sessions each addional person $20 per session

Group Personal Training sessions are programmed and designed to incorporate the physical aspects of fitness, all in a group setting with other people of like minded goals. While the programming is designed for the group as a whole, we understand that many individuals may need modifications or adjustments to some of the exercises. For this reason, the trainer will easily be able to accommodate any client needing a more appropriate exercise at any time. All Group Personal Training sessions will be coached by a professional, certified trainer ( myself ) to ensure safe execution of all exercises, and to help keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. Exercise not only needs to be effective, it needs to fun and challenging. my programming will host a collection of different training styles to keep your body progressing! Free weights, bands, boxes, ropes and even your training partner plus much more will be used in our dynamic group setting whether it's a circuit, a relay, or a bootcamp style session.

Nutrition Coaching

Food plays the most important role in any fitness goal. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or simply change the feel of your body, food will dictate the outcome. A proper nutrition plan can help you reach your fitness goals sooner. Proper caloric intake accompanied with quality food choices are designed for each person on an individual basis. Because each person is different, it makes sense that each plan would be different. Schedule a Nutritional Planning appointment to learn how properly eat for you and your fitness goals.

Corrective Exercise

$85/hour single session

$250/ 3x hour sessions

$850/ 12x hour sessions’

Corrective Exercise is about exercising with purpose.

It’s about choosing the right exercises for your posture, activity level and personal health history; knowing when and how to progress them and making sure they are performed with proper technique and posture. In everyday life, we are constantly doing activities that create imbalances in our bodies. From sleeping on one side, sitting for long periods of time, or participating in sports like tennis and golf, our bodies slowly develop strengths and weaknesses that eventually lead to asymmetry in our posture and movement. These posture and movement imbalances can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on our muscles and joints and make us more susceptible to chronic pain and injuries.

The goal of Corrective Exercise is to identify both posture and movement imbalances and joint limitations and develop a program to correct them. The focus is on movements designed to create balance, stability, and/or mobility in areas that are not functioning properly.